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Meet the Midwives

We are a practice of 6 midwives providing care to families in Peterborough and surrounding areas including Curve Lake and Hiawatha First Nations. 

Kaitlin 1.jpeg

Kaitlin Murray

Lead Midwife


Lauren Wilson

Registered Midwife

kerry photo_edited.jpg

Kerry Bebee

Registered Midwife

elena angel_edited.jpg

Elena Kiriloff

Registered Midwife


Judy Anderson

Business Manager

Keeping us on the straight and narrow


Kathy Balazs

Registered Midwife

bryony photo_edited.jpg

Bryony Ritchie

Registered Midwife

sarah photo 1.jpeg

Sarah Tucker

Registered Midwife

Kelly canoe.jpeg

Kelly Van Der Vegt

Office Administrator 

(Without her we would be utterly lost)

Safe Space: All Are Welcome at KCM

Both as Ontario Midwives and as individuals, we are passionately devoted to nurturing and guarding an environment of safety and inclusivity for all of our clients. We continue to learn and grow in our commitment to serve all  people who come to us for care in a spirit of kinship and kindness, acknowledging the impacts that colonialism, racism, misogyny, patriarchy, and other complex forms of oppression have on people of various backgrounds and lived experiences.

We want to be clear that this means that all people are welcome at our clinic and have the right to excellent care, regardless of their identities (religious, ethnic, racial, gender, sexual), physical appearance or ability.

We also want to be clear that an environment of mutual respect and consideration is non-negotiable in our clinic space and includes midwives, clinic staff, and clients. 

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