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KCM Clinic Services

  • Routine prenatal lab tests and ultrasounds

  • Blood draw services 

  • Prenatal visits: blood pressure, fetal heart assessment,  symphysis-fundal measurement, palpation to assess baby's position          

  • Postpartum home visits in the first week then clinic visits at 2, 4, and 6 weeks after birth  

  • PAP tests

  • Postpartum teachings re: baby spacing and postpartum referrals for contraception 

  • Birthing pool rentals

  • Book lending library

Coming back soon!​

  • Home birth information nights

Click HERE to learn more about Ontario Midwifery.​


KCM Birthing Suite

KCM offers our clients the option of a "home-birth-away-from-home" at our clinic's birthing suite. This cozy, home-like environment includes a family-sized bed, large labouring tub, and  nitrous oxide (N2O or "laughing gas" - it was good enough for Queen Victoria in her labours so it is good enough for you!!)

Click HERE to  learn more about choice of birthplace

Click HERE to learn more about birth centers in Ontario

The first baby of 2023 in Peterborough  was born at our clinic birthing suite!!! Click HERE to link to the Toronto Star article!

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KCM Community Supports

Our community includes pregnant people and new families who are experiencing financial hardship. If you need help preparing for your baby, please talk to your midwife!!

If you wish to give your midwives a gift at your discharge visit, consider donating a grocery gift card instead. If you wish to donate some new or gently used baby supplies for our clinic baby shop, please check our Instagram or our Resources & Events page on this site to see which supplies our clients are currently most in need of.   

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