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Choice of Birthplace

Your options with Kawartha Community Midwives

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KCM Clinic Birth Suite

Homebirth away from home

KCM clinic boasts a homey birthing suite featuring a large labouring tub, a family sized bed, and access to Nitrous Oxide ("laughing gas"). It is equipped with the same supplies and medications that midwives carry to homebirths.

Check our Resources and Events page or ask admin Kelly or your midwife about upcoming Homebirth and Clinic Birth Information Nights!

Many midwifery practices maintain clinic birthing suites and there are currently three freestanding birth centers in Ontario! Click HERE to learn more.

Click HERE for the clinic birth supply list

The first baby born in 2023 in Peterborough was born in the KCM clinic birthing suite! Click HERE to link Toronto Star article!

Our community hospital

KCM midwives hold admitting privileges at Peterborough Regional Health Center (PRHC), where we enjoy collegial relationships with our consultant OBs and are supported by dedicated, highly skilled L&D nurses! We are in the process of moving towards practicing to our full scope at PRHC (to include managing epidurals and Pitocin inductions).

Click HERE to learn more about having your baby at PRHC.

Click HERE to learn more about the risks and benefits of planning a hospital birth. 

Click HERE for the hospital birth supply list

In your place of power

Since 1994, Ontario midwives have attended almost 50,000 homebirths. Ontario midwives carry the equipment equivalent of a Level 1 hospital to home births (resuscitation equipment, IV, birth and suturing supplies, and medications).

We catch babies in many community settings, including family homes, cottages, shelters, hotels, AirB'nBs, small apartments, and condos!!

There are many reasons why people choose homebirth. For some people, labouring in their own home helps them stay focused, confident and calm and helps keep their labours low-intervention and low-risk.


Click HERE to learn more about homebirth in Ontario. 

Click HERE for the homebirth supply list

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